Gunsafe Firearms is the longest running continuous course on firearms safety and concealed carry in Louisiana.  We have certified well over 6000 students to carry concealed in the state and the nearly 34 other states which recognize our permits.


Gunsafe Firearms Instruction’s promise to you:


You will not only be competent when you finish our training, you will be confident with your handgun. That’s a very important difference.


Gunsafe Firearms Instructors:


Gordon Hutchinson

NRA Police Firearms Instructor (Retired)        

LSP Certified Concealed Carry Instructor

Greg Phares, Associate Instructor

POST Certified Firearms Instructor

LSP Concealed Carry Instructor


Frankie Lamb, Associate Instructor

LSP Certified Concealed Carry Instructor

Lorraine Mayeux, Associate Instructor

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Wayne Milton

Associate Instructor


Classes are held monthly at the Baker Range, Bass Pro Shop, and FRC Range.  Contact Gordon at for future class schedules.

Courses are conducted  8:00AM—4:30 PM on class days with first-time students attending the Safety and Nomenclature Briefing beginning promptly at 8:00 AM.  They are joined by renewal students for the live fire portion generally beginning at 9:00 AM.  Renewals are briefed on safety upon their arrival, and before they begin the shooting portion.  Everyone participates in several hours of classroom discussion after the shooting portion, including filling out the application packet, and discussing Louisiana law and handguns, use of deadly force, etc.

Because classes sometimes overfill, if you schedule a class and find you cannot attend, we would appreciate a phone call to remove your name from the roster.


Course cost includes notary fee on your application, and lunch during class. Payment is due at class.  


Bass Pro website:


Click on the GunSafe button to see flyers describing the class in detail.

 “Growing up around a range, we all learned to shoot at an early age.  But Gordon has improved my shooting techniques tremendously, and made me a better and more confident pistol shot.  I now enjoy it so much, I intend to get my instructor certification and help him on the range in the shooting portions of his classes!”

 – Jenny Chatelain


I enrolled in Gordon’s gun safety class because I was not comfortable with the thought of having to use my husband’s gun in the event of a break-in.  I wanted to learn how to handle firearms and shoot accurately, and learn how to safely have a firearm in the house.  The class taught me much more than how to shoot a gun accurately, and I now have an even deeper respect for firearms.  I even purchased my own handgun after taking this class.   I suggest anyone that owns or is interested in buying a gun take this class.

— Katie Redding

Class Schedule

We run classes monthly at Baker Range, Bass Pro, and the FRC Range.

These are lively and informative classes using  Power Point presentations

to illustrate the variances in the laws pertaining to concealed carry

permits in Louisiana.

“I’m an actress - but when it came to handling firearms, I knew I didn’t want to pretend.  I had grown up in South Louisiana shooting guns, but hadn’t handled them for years, when I attended Gordon’s class.  His entertaining and informative style helped me to get comfortable with a variety of guns, and I recently purchased my own Glock.  Now whether I’m on set or in a dangerous situation, I feel much more prepared to handle whatever comes.”

— Shanna Forrestall, Actress


Contact Gordon at for class schedules.”

© 2010 Gordon Hutchinson

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