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Ladies Handgun Class is covered in the "WON"

I emailed Barb Baird, a good friend and outdoor writer, about the ladies class on Saturday.

She liked the idea so much, she put in in her online magazine (called an “E-zine”) which is called WON...

Women’s Outdoor News.

Here’s the link...she’ll post more about it in another week or two, but here’s the first posting:



Louisiana Film & Video Magazine


Issue 7 2009 - Page 24


This column entitled 'Three Men you gotta meet.

America's First  Freedom is a major monthly publication of the

National Rifle Association.  With a circulation of approximately one

million, it is sent to members who are more interested in gun politics

than in shooting news in the "American Rifleman."

Blaine Smith, Associate Editor of AFF, gives a great review of "The

Great New O rleans GunGrab," and scathing criticism of the civil

authorities of New Orleans who instigated the "gun grab" in the

aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The "American Rifleman" magazine, lead publication of the National Rifle Association, with several million circulation, reviewed "The Great New Orleans Gun Grab" by Gordon Hutchinson and Todd Masson.  Mark A. Keefe, IV., editor of

the magazine, called it " of the most disturbing

books I've ever read..."

AFF ReviewIn_The_News_files/AFF%20review%20of%20book.pdf
Film & Video Magazine
American RiflemanIn_The_News_files/ArticleSmall.pdf
Solider of FortuneIn_The_News_files/SOLDIER%20OF%20FORTUNE%20GUN%20GRAB%20ARTICLE-1-1_1.pdf

© 2010 Gordon Hutchinson

Lt. Col.  Robert K. Brown (retired) is the publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine.


Bob read Gordon’s book, “The Great New Orleans Gun Grab” (with Todd Masson) and asked Gordon to write an article for his magazine speculating on the actions of any police department after a civil disturbance or emergency.  Col. Brown wanted to know if the actions of the NOPD and civil authorities were a result of the culture and environment of New Orleans, or if the same would occur in other cities under the same circumstances. 


Click on the link to read the article and see great photographs of the results of authority run amok.

"The Great New Orleans Gun Grab" Co-author Gordon Hutchinson talks about Patricia Konie and her experience with the gun confiscation of New Orleans citizens after Hurricane Katrina



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The Shootist /La Sportsman Column

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