Every so often we find enough time to stop teaching and take up the camera...Here are some of the fun things we do:

Photos 1-6...Instructor Shane Evans is a former SRT (Special Response Team) member and former head of Narcotics at the EBR Sheriff’s Office.  Here he conducts a short advanced handgunning and self-defense class for some interested students before the beginning of a regular concealed handgun permit course.

Photos 7-16...Several young ladies kept telling Gordon they wanted to get training with firearms, but didn’t really want to get a permit, or take the whole course.  So Gordon staged a “Ladies Handgun Familiarization Course” on an off-Saturday.  Two hours of classroom training was followed by two hours of range time with their handguns.  A good time was had by all—and a group of ladies left the range much more confident in their use of handguns, and a lot more confident in their ability to defend and take care of themselves.  

Gordon likes to say “You want to talk about womens’ power?  We empower women.  We give them Smith & Wesson.”  

“Confidence, not Competence” is the watchword of Gordon’s classes.  It is important that every person leave the class not just competent with their handgun, but confident in its use.  

Photos 17-19...Kenzie discovered a deep-seated passion for fully-automatic weaponry.  Here she is shown

in full rock ‘n roll with a Thompson .45  Submachine Gun and a .45 Caliber Mac 10.  

Photos 20 and 21...This couple was visiting from Chicago, and hanging around the range at Bass Pro, absolutely fascinated by the people shooting after one of Gordon’s classes.  Since the range was so crowded, Gordon invited them to meet him at Baker on a weeknight, and two people who had never fired a gun were introduced to the great fun of shooting.  Two converts to take their newly acquired skills back up to Chi-Town and spread the word about what a great time they had.  Really, when you stop and think about it, it’s just shooting.  It’s a test of skill.  It’s a lot of fun.  What’s the big deal about it anyway?

Vy Nguyen never fired a handgun in her life.  After taking Gordon's Ladies Handgun Familiarization Training Course, she out-shot all the ladies in the class.  She also could outshoot a lot of men students.

Coming from Viet Nam, and a Communist regime, Vy was trained as a young teenager to break down and reassemble an AK-47 assault rifle.  While they never fired the guns, they learned to clean and assemble them.

Vy holds the girl's record at her school, as yet unbroken, breaking down and reassembling an AK-47 in 11 seconds, flat!

Vy recently graduated from LSU with a degree in accounting, and is going on for her masters degree.  She loves Louisiana, and has developed a real taste for crawfish!

© 2010 Gordon Hutchinson

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